Date: Sat. Feb. 13, 2016
Venue: Maha ESL Community – Egypt
A School – China
Duration: about 3 hours
Teachers: Egypt: 4 teachers, 2 teaching Adults and 2 teaching Prep. students
China: 2 from Romania, 1 from UK and 1 from China


Each group of teachers chose a stimulus. The Egyptian group chose “computer”, while the Chinese group chose “a bell”. Each group explained their choice. It was interesting to know that the Chinese teachers chose the bell for it cultural background as well as its multi uses. This went on for about 10 minutes.

Each side brainstormed ideas for about 15 minutes, figure (1) and (2) and then we exchanged ideas, discussions and posed questions for about 20 minutes.

external image IMG_1047.JPG

external image IMG_1042.JPG

external image IMG_1051.JPG

external image IMG_1046.JPG

After a break of half an hour, the two groups started setting the Lesson Plans. Preparation included
- Level of Students
- Duration of Lesson
- No. of Students
- Age of Students
- Aims
- Procedures

external image IMG_1058.JPG

external image IMG_1066.JPG

Preparation went on for 45 minutes. For the next hour, the two groups explained their Lesson Plans. All teachers had the chance to share in the explanation and answer mutual questions. The teachers even suggested more ideas to each other to develop the Lesson Plans proposed.

external image IMG_1071.JPG

We were lucky enough to have the least problems with Skype that day. If you would like to use Google Hangout that would be great because it helps you to record the whole session easily.

external image IMG_1083.JPG

external image IMG_1090.JPG

At the end of the day the teachers completed ‘Evaluation Forms’ giving their opinion of the day. We enjoyed the day a lot especially the exchange of ideas.

Maha Hassan

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